Technology for Agriculture

BWCS products and services safeguard grower operations and supply chains. Our distributed ledgers and AI technologies provide point-in-time immutable documentation that record critical phases of the farm-to-table lifecycle. These expertly designed smart contracts offer growers timely, relevant, and actionable reporting that promote informed decision making, while simultaneously providing key trust mechanisms that prove origin, compliance, and operational standards.


In addition to its smart ledger technologies, BWCS offers several data-driven pattern recognition and anomaly detection services including computer vision and multispectral image processing. Supporting custom-developed species detection and generative alert systems, mechanical go no-go selection, and myriad other video-image processing tasks, BWCS data-Ag services offer unique solutions that transform critical workflows into applied automation.  


Artificial Intelligence

Automating critical workflows through data-driven systems, BWCS offers several boutique services that uniquely integrate AI into the enterprise. Our team of natural language processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and anomaly detection experts are well versed in transforming complex programs into intuitive systems. Our models are deployed in several commercial and government systems, and optimized for self-management.


Case Studies

Decision Aids and Artificial Intelligence

BWCS is a service provider of machine and deep learning technologies that enhance DoD Mission Command Principles. A developer of data-driven systems and smart technologies that perform knowledge extraction and discovery of large datasets, BWCS transforms static information into applied operational gain through its data-first development techniques. Moreover, BWCS techniques have been used to support myriad DoD programs that require deterministic and probabilistic business rules to mitigate and manage complex problem sets including: computer vision and meta-data processing, natural language processing, signals recognition and anomaly detection, and time-sensitive decision- making support. All BWCS services and technologies are custom developed around data; therefore, deeper, more meaningful, representations can be used to separate critical signals from data noise autonomously.


Developed for the State of California, our latest application provides a solution which migrates between mobile and web platforms as needed, with the ability to grow in both data manipulation and functionality.  Going live in early 2017, this application allows users of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) to map their routes and stay on approved trails, increasing their safety and protecting the environment – whether the user is within range of a cell tower or not.


About BWCS

BWCS focuses on utilizing technology in new ways, providing unique applications and services to a broad range of government clients.  Specializing in GIS-centric mobile applications, artificial intelligence, cyber security, AgTech, and mesh networks, we support federal and local government initiatives in Information Technology, construction, agriculture, and environmental services for more than 30 years, our goal is, and has always been, to deliver the best possible service by attracting and keeping extraordinary employees while operating at the highest ethical standards. 


Headquartered in McLean, VA, BWCS provides mobile application development to the U.S. Army Core of Engineers, the NTC at Fort Irwin, CA, and the State of California.  We host and manage the government website – -  With a broad range of capabilities, from applications development to wireless technology, BWCS offers our customers the best total solutions to meet their mission requirements.


BWCS operates with documented ISO 9001 process-driven methodologies for software development and help-desk management.  We focus on responsiveness and flexibility as well as quality to deliver the best value to our customers.  From data management to scientific research, our employees are chosen for their experience and expertise as well as their winning attitude. Our success is based on their efficiency and effectiveness.

We focus on providing exceptional customer service while operating at the highest levels of ethical standards.


BWCS provides solutions that allow organizations to convert critical business processes to work with mobile devices to collect and interface with data – while simultaneously complying with stringent security policies.  Organizations such as the U.S. Army, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S.M.C. the State of California, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have utilized our services to solve their remote data collections needs.


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